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Signal Anodes

signal anodes, available in different versionsSignal anodes serve to protect hot water storage tanks of often-unidentified corrosion damage and an indicating element shows from outside when you need to exchange them. After removal of the anode material, water gets into the testing area, the indicating element strongly stain into red and shows that the anode is consumed. As a result a very easy and regular inspection is possible without dismounting the anode. Thus the hot water storage tank does not loose uncontrolled its protection and through timely replacement a long service life can be achieved.
The signal anode is in accordance with European standard DIN EN 12438 (approved for drinking water) and they can be used for all tank sizes and types (all brands).


  • Problem-free anode inspection without emptying or partly emptying the tank
  • Possibility to sign a service contract
  • Regular contact to our customers for future business

Examples for signal anodes:

Tank size in litres
Dimension of MG-Anode
Oder Model
30 - 50 l D21 x   210 mm M8 bolt
30 - 50 l D26 x   130 mm M8 bolt
80 l D26 x   225 mm M8 bolt
80 l D21 x   310 mm M8 bolt
120 l D26 x   320 mm M8 bolt
150 - 200 l D21 x   500 mm M8 bolt
150 - 200 l D26 x   500 mm M8 bolt
150 - 200 l D33 x   500 mm M8 bolt
200 l D21 x   700 mm M8 bolt
200 - 300 l D33 x   700 mm M8 bolt
500 l D33 x   800 mm M8 bolt
1000 l D33 x 1000 mm M8 bolt
1500 l D33 x 1500 mm M8 bolt
1500 l D33 x 1800 mm M8 bolt
signal anodes with consumed signal anode and new signal anode
The signal anodes are available optionally with a M8 bolt, with a screw connection or adapter G ¾“, G1“, G 1 ¼“, G 1 ½“. As well you can order signal chain anodes, if you got poor access.

All signal anodes will be delivered with nuts, seal, washer, installation information and signal element.