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Our range of products:

In our assortment we offer signal anodes, signal chain anodes, standard anodes, standard chain anodes, anodes with weld attachments, anodes for isolated installations or custom made products for your individual use.

The anodes can be ordered with a diameter of 21 mm, 26 mm and 33mm. Other diameters are available on request.

The magnesium anodes are available with following screw connections or adapters : G ¾“, G1“, G 1 ¼“, G 1 ½“. We can deliver them as well with an M8 bolt or weld attachments.

They are manufactured out of extruded magnesium in accordance with European standard DIN EN 12438 (approved for drinking water) and they can be used for all tank sizes and types (all brands). Our magnesium anodes are subject to a constant quality control.
Geratsdorfer, example for different adapters
Geratsdorfer, example for signal anodes
Geratsdorfer, example for extruded anodes
Geratsdorfer, display detail of chain anodes
standard anodes for hot water heaters
Geratsdorfer, example of our product range