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Geratsdorfer Company.

Your Specialist for Magnesium Anodes.

Company Geratsdorfer is a dynamic and flexible enterprise, which is able to realise individual customer requirements in the area of cathodic corrosion protection. As a family company with short decision-making paths, rapid, reliable and practice-oriented solutions are guaranteed.

We are a competent partner in the field of producing magnesium anodes. All magnesium anodes are manufactured out of extruded magnesium in accordance with DIN EN 12438 and are subject to continuous quality control.

As the result of our many years of experience and development of our environmentally- and customer friendly signal anode we are the right partner for corrosion prevention.

As we operate on the international market, we remain focused on the future cooperation with our customers. Our specific professional experience and wide range of know-how makes the company Geratsdorfer a reliable partner for demanding tasks and technical solutions.

We would be pleased to convince you of our performance.

“ Quality is, if the customer returns and not the product “

E-Mail: info@signalanode.com or info@geratsdorfer.de


Signal Anodes
signal anodes, available in different versions
Anodes with weld attachments
anodes with weld attachment, used for large boilers or special customs requests
Anoden Isolierter Einbau
anodes for the insulated installation
Geratsdorfer, adapter availble in different models
Standard Anodes
standard anodes for hot water heaters
Chain Anodes
chain anodes, lenghts and chain elements are variable
Universal Signal Anode
universal anodes, can be used as signal anode or standard anode with the suitable adapter
Geratsdorfer, contact